In order to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students, The District School Board of Pasco County frequently submits press releases to local media. These releases may include certain pieces of student information, including, but not limited to, student names, honors and awards received, non-graded student work, student photographs, and video and/or voice recordings. In addition, the District may also display this information in various District-sponsored publications, at school or public functions, and in the school yearbook.

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows school districts to release certain pieces of school “directory information”, including many of those listed above, unless parents choose to exercise their right of refusal.

Previously, the District required parents and/or guardians return a signed MIS #667 Media Release Form each year prior to the release of photos, video, student work and school-related directory information. Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, the District will now require a signed form ONLY from those parents and/or guardians who wish to REFUSE permission for all such media releases and public displays.

If you agree to allow DSBPC to publish and/or display this information for non-commercial purposes and without cost, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED.

If you DO NOT grant permission for the District to release this information in the manner stated above, you must complete and return a signed District School Board of Pasco County MIS #667 – Media Release Non-Consent Form, available in the administrative office of your child’s school and on by clicking here: English Version or Spanish Version.  Please note that a signed Media Release Non-Consent Form is considered valid for one (1) school year.

For more information on FERPA and your rights as a parent, please visit: