Schwettman Education Center is a voluntary educational program the district provides for students who have violated School Board policy, have been recommended for expulsion from a school, or have a behavior pattern which has not been improved by a continuum of positive behavior and academic intervention strategies. The Centers provide a positive, intensive behavior change program staffed with a full-time Student Services Support team that targets teaching coping and survival skills and assists students in developing a positive attitude toward learning, the school environment, school staff, and their peers.

The center offers an integrated academic program, as well as computer-assisted skills remediation and community experience component to assist students who have fallen behind to accelerate their progress toward completion of the requirements of the District’s Student Progression Plan required for a standard high school diploma.

Another program we offer at HSEC is our eighth grade recovery program for students who are behind in middle school credits and need to get caught up in order to continue on to high school.  These students are here to achieve academic success and confidence to ensure college and career readiness in high school.

In accordance with Florida Statutes and State Board Rules, an approved program in the disciplinary category does not require parent permission for placement. Parents may choose expulsion or suspension without enrollment in Schwettman Education Center.

Disciplinary: Students assigned in lieu of expulsion or through manifestation determination hearing (ESE or 504 only) for serious breach of the Student Code of Conduct.

Eighth Grade Recovery Program: This program is designed for 8th grade students who did not meet criteria for promotion to 9th grade due to failing grades and were recommended for retention. These students work on course recovery to complete 8th grade promotion requirements and also take high school classes for high school credit earning.

Department of Juvenile Justice Transition: Students transitioning back from DJJ commitment programs. These students may be assigned based on a review of their individual program needs through our transition coordinator.

Out- Of-County Alternative programs: New students entering from out-of-county alternative programs. These students are assigned based on a review of their individual program needs through our transition coordinator, Director of Student Services or designee.

High School Credit Recovery: A high school credit recovery program is offered at Schwettman Education Center. The high school credit recovery program allows at-risk high school students with credit deficiencies the opportunity to complete high school graduation requirements and obtain original grade status. This program utilizes an online curriculum certified by the Florida Department of Education.

Our mission is to positively engage students in their education and facilitate a successful transition to their home school.


  • Establish and maintain a consistent approach to all components of administration, curriculum, support methods, behavioral management, and overall school environment.
  • Work collaboratively to maintain an educational environment that ensures appropriate student/teacher ratio.
  • We will fairly and consistently motivate students to replace negative behaviors with positive and appropriate behaviors.
  • Create and maintain a positive learning environment.
  • Provide an environment which fosters teamwork, open communication, and is supported by strong leadership at both school and district levels.
  • To provide appropriate curriculum and academic support to help all students achieve gains toward success of the SSS by recognizing each students needs and abilities.
  • We will be consistent in staff modeling appropriate “Professional” behavior.
  • Provide our students with the physical space and instructional resources to be successful in reaching their individual potential.


Harry Schwettman Education Center opened in August 1993 at 5520 Grand Boulevard, in the building originally occupied by Gulf High School. The school is for those students who are unable to function in a normal school environment because of academic or social difficulties. Harry W. Schwettman was a community activist and founder of WESPAC, a coalition of homeowners and civic associations. He came to Florida in 1959. Earlier, the Schwettman Adult Education Center operated in the same building.

History of Principalship at HSEC:

  • 2019 – Present: Alondra Beatty-Woodall
  • 2009 – Present:  Randy Koenigsfeld
  • 2005 – 2009:  Mimi Foster
  • 2004 – 2005:  John Letvin
  • 2003 – 2004:  Jim Michaels
  • 1998 – 2003:  Randy Koenigsfeld
  • 1993 – 1998:  Alan Knight

Pasco County Schools Vision Statement:
Our vision is to create a community which works together so all Pasco County students will reach their highest potential.

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